Upcoming events

2017-2018 Schedule.  Unless otherwise noted the programs are held at on Sundays at 2 PM at the East Greenbush Library. Due to seating limitations, prior registration is required.

To register for a program please call the East Greenbush Library at: 518-477-7476 x4 or

to register on line, visit their website at: http://eastgreenbushlibrary.org/events/


If you have suggestions for future programs and speakers, or for outings, please let us know. We are particularly interested in topics that focus on the Greenbush Community or at least with a Rensselaer County connection.


The lives of four brothers and their exploits before, during, and after the Civil War will be examined.  One was non-descript, one was more brave and daring, one led a virtual suicide mission and the last became the "American Idol" of his day.

January 21, 2018 "Fabulous Cushing Boys" by Jim Cochran


March 18, 2018 Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Don Kelly

Join us and Don Kelly with his acoustic guitar to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend with a little Irish music and Irish history.  Wear your green!

tiffany window smaller.jpg

April 29, 2018 "Troy's Tiffany Treasurers" by Michael P. Barrett, Executive Director Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway

Troy is said to have more Tiffany stained galls per square mile than any other city in the nation.  This illustrated lecture ill give you a peak at some of the stained glass grandeur that the 19th century industrial fortunes made possible.

defreest houseIMG_0918small.jpg

May 20, 2018 "Defreestville and Wynantskill -- A Tale of Two Hamlets" by Jim Greenfield, North Greenbush Town Historian

Jim will discuss the hamlets' naming and growth from the 1600s tp the 21st century, the biggest influence in their development, and what may surprise you, the second biggest influence.  You will meet some interesting characters and relive some intriguing events.

September 17, 2017 "A Republic If You Can Keep It: The Constitution Then & Now"  by Ken Kiser  When Benjamin Franklin was asked if we had a monarch or a republic, he replied, "A republic, if you can keep it." The presentation examined what we have done through amendments, laws, court decisions, and customs to keep it. 



October 21, 2017 Fall Outing to the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. Tour of the music hall will start at 10 AM.


November 12, 2017 "Do you live in a Sears, Roebuck home?" by MaryEllen Sullivan Many of the homes in the Greenbush area were purchased from Sears, Roebuck Modern Homes Catalog.  The idea of prefab homes started long before the modern version we see today.  Maybe you will discover you live in one.