The Greenbush Historical Society was organized in 1972 and chartered by the New York State Education Department in 1973. 

The Greenbush Historical Society focuses its historical programs and preservation efforts on the territory included in the area known as the Town of Greenbush.  In 1855, the New York State legislature divided the original town of Greenbush into the towns of Town of North Greenbush, the City of Rensselaer, and the Town of Clinton, which later became the Town of East Greenbush.   

.The first European settlement in the area dates from about 1628 by tenant farmers and artisans sent by the Van Rensselaer Patroon who had purchased most of what is now Albany and Rensselaer counties from the native Americans. 

The Greenbush Historical Society strives to promote interest in and appreciation of the rich history of the Towns of East Greenbush and North Greenbush.  

Society activities include:

*Promoting the preservation of historic sites

*Presenting informative programs about local and regional history

*Providing library exhibits and educational opportunities in the community.