The Last Vandenbergh House

NORTH GREENBUSH NOTES by Jim Greenfield  Town Historian 518-283-6384

I recently wrote about the Country Grove Inn’s history.  However the building had a much older pedigree dating back to 1797 when a recently married Garret Vandenbergh built a house for his bride.

The Vandenbergh family resided here since the early 1700’s.  The will of Cornelis G. Vandenbergh in 1714 mentions property in Albany City, New York City, and a home farm on the east side of the Hudson River, one mile back into the woods.  Family tradition says it contained over 600 acres.

In 1749 two Vandenbergh brothers made an agreement to divide up the land owned by their father who died in 1745.  The agreement mentions earlier “destruction of all the buildings of the estate by the enemy.”  I believe this was the result of French and Indian raids in the area.  The time frame is about when Ft. Crailo in Rensselaer was attacked.

The southern part of the property was located on land which is the present day North Greenbush Plaza at Glenmore Road and Route 4.  The northern property extended to about where Burdon Pond in South Troy is.

I suspect that young Garret Vandenbergh left the old house in the northern part of the property near Burden Pond and built his 1797 home.

At one time, Garret’s property contained 170 acres.  There were several barns, a grist mill and a brickyard which supplied bricks for later additions to the house.  Besides being on a busy commercial path between Troy and the river crossings from Rensselaer to Albany, residents in the house witnessed soldiers marching off to fight in the war of 1812.

In 1921, the family sold the property to Madison Younghans whose heirs eventually sold it to the Filutas and it became the Country Grove.

Elements of the building were saved and given to the Historic Albany Foundation for reuse.  A mantelpiece will be incorporated in the new commercial building.

The Vandenbergh houses in North Greenbush are now gone but I would hope their family history lives on.  If interested, contact me.